Mailing bags is a division of Polybags specialised in mailing packaging. Our range includes polythene mailers, courier sacks, postal boxes and padded envelopes. We also offer biodegradable mailorder bags and bio envelopes.

Mailing bags are manufactured having in mind what needs to be posted. Mailers can provide more than just safely transporting packages, from protection of goods with bubble mailers to promoting a company with custom printed polythene mailers.

Here we introduce a few popular choices for mailing bags, all available in different sizes and colours and we hope that you find the right mailer for you needs:

Economy mailers

Economy mailersPerhaps the most popular choice for economy mailers is the clear polythene mailing bags, made from strong polythene ideal for when posting large quantities of leaflets ,magazines, newsletters or any other kind of mailing in which clear packaging may be preferable. Economy mailing bags are very secure as this type of plastic wont tear easily. They may also be ordered with a self-seal strip or, for an even more economic mailing bag, just heat seal. Address labels can be attached or, if you prefer, you could use mailing bags with write on panels for addressing your packaging. If the type of mailing is confidential or if mailing a different type of product in which clear plastic mail bags might not work then we can also provide all the same features of a clear polythene mailer on a opaque mailing bag. We can offer many other options for mailing bags, available in coloured or plain plastic, so we are sure that you will find the right economy mailer for your needs.

Mailorder bags

Mailorder bagsMailorder bags are used almost every day by companies to deliver online orders or to send brochures and marketing material. Mailorder bags are ideal for this type of posting as they are strong, tamper proof and water resistant, ensuring whatever is being mailed arrive safely and in the same condition as when it was posted.

Mailing sacks and Security mailers

Mailing sacks and Security mailersAlso known as courier sacks, mailing sacks are heavy duty postal bags designed to protect and delivery of products anywhere in the world. Mailing sacks are manufactured from strong co-extruded material, usually lined with bubble film or foam, to ensure the mailing bag can withstand transport and handling without damaging its contents. Security mailers are produced as a tamper evident, opaque black mailing sack made from strong and thick polythene to provide strong tear resistance and keeping its contents confidential.

Postal boxes and rigid mailers

Rigid mailers and postal boxesPolythene mailers are good for when the material being posted is flexible if, however, you need to post a rigid item or don't want to crease important documents then rigid mailers can offer all a mailing bag can plus it wont bend or crease.

Jiffy bags and bubble mailers

Jiffy bags and bubble mailersAn alternative to the more expensive postal boxes and rigid mailers is the padded envelope, commonly known as a 'Jiffy Style' envelope. Padded envelopes are manufactured with an inner layer of bubble wrap to protect against damage when posting fragile items. such as DVDs and Blue-Rays.

Biodegradable mailing bags

Biodegradable mailing bagsIf you worry about the environment and believe polythene film is not the best choice, you will be pleased to know that we can also manufacture environmentally-friendly alternatives to polythene mailers without loosing any of the benefits and features of the plastic mailing bags. Biodegradable mailing bags are produce with a high performance, high clarity recyclable film and they are generally used to post brochures, magazines and catalogues. Bio mailers also offer substantial savings in postage as they are lighter than paper but waterproof and strong. Bags can be supplied as plain bags or with white write on panels and are available in a variety of standard stock sizes. These eco-friendly alternatives are definitely the way to go if you have any environmental concerns about the use of polythene mailers.

Coloured dispatch bags

Coloured dispatch bagsIf clear mailing bags don't match your style requirements or the standard blue mailorder bags wont pronounce the colours of you company then we can also offer a range of brightly coloured dispatch bags. Mailorder bags are available in baby pink, eco green, vibrant purple or the famous, best-seller glossy blue. If none of our standard colours don't go with your style please get us to call you as we can custom manufacture them for you, and if would like an extra personal touch we can also add your company's logo to your dispatch bags.

Custom mailing bags

Custom printed envelopesCustom printed mailing bags could show a company's postal address, for business reply for instance, or have a printed postage impression, good for when you’re sending large quantities of mail. Companies could also have logos and sales messages printed on the mailing bag. Customisation does not only cover colours and printing, it also includes custom 'address viewing windows'.

Standard mailing bags and their properties:

  • Clear polythene mailers and Economy mailers:
    • Clear plastic front panel, allows for good visibility of contents.
    • Expose catalogs and promotional mailing items.
    • White plastic backing for labeling and postage.
    • Optional pre-printed address window
  • Mailing sacks and Security mailers:
    • Easy opening perforated tear-strip .
    • Lightweight, saves on postage.
    • High strength seams allow over-stuffing.
    • Ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.
    • Water resistant.
    • Tamper resistant.
    • Tough, tear-proof polythene envelopes.
  • Color Polythene Mailers or Opauqe Mail order bags:
    • Your product will be opened immediately with these high gloss mailers.
    • Attractive waterproof envelopes make mailing and promotions stand out.
    • Long-side opening has peel-and-seal strip to make closure easy.
  • Bubble mailers and padded envelopes:
    • Tear proof and water resistant mailer ideal to protect delicate items.
    • Bubble lining cushions and protects the insides.
    • Smooth surface perfect for handwriting or labeling.
    • Super lightweight mailers. Save on postage to nearly pay for the mailing bag.

What the internet says about mailing bags

LUXPaper A4 Invitation Envelopes for 4 x 6 Cards in 80 lb. Gold Metallic, Printable Envelopes for Invitations, 50 Pack, Envelope Size 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 (Gold): Office Products. PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: If you?re looking for an envelope for baby shower or wedding invitations, holiday cards, pregnancy announcements, RSVPs, thank-you cards, save the dates, and more, our A4 LUX Paper envelope is a superb option. These square flap envelopes are also perfect for direct mail, letters, postcards, and 4? x 6? photos so you can rely on them for special mailing requirements. ? PEEL & PRESS SEAL: The self-seal design of these envelopes is perfect for anyone who doesn?t want to lick or use a moistener on all single envelope ? it?s a big time-saver! Simply strip off the protective strip, press, and seal. It could not be easier! This type of adhesive is big for business applications, wedding announcements, and special notes. ? PRINTABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: If you want to customise or label your envelopes with none hassle, you?re in luck! These envelopes are printer-friendly, so you can use your home laser or inkjet printer to address them. They are printable on both digital and offset commercial printers. No need to worry about smudging or jamming because these envelopes are manufactured for compatibility with most printer models. ? BEAUTIFUL GOLD COLOR: If you want a high-quality gold envelope, this is the item for you. Made from 80 lb. text weight / 120 GSM paper stock, these envelopes are about twice as thick as printer paper. If gold metallic isn?t the colour you?re looking for, we?re pleased to offer these envelopes in plenty colour options. ? DURABLE & RELIABLE: These envelopes make superb invitation holders and are 4 1/4" 6 1/4" (121mm x 165mm), big enough to adequately fit 4? x 6? paper items. Made from LUX 80 lb. Gold Metallic paper stock with a side seam building, these envelopes are thick and heavy-duty, making it perfect for things like photos, letters, mailings, special mail, or invitations. ? Are you looking for a high-quality A4 envelope for invitations, announcements, greeting cards, and more? These envelopes are also perfect for any occasion from playful to formal. The modern square back flap adds a sophisticated touch to this envelope. Best of all, it properties a peel-and-press sealing method! Simply remove the adhesive strip on the inside of the back flap and press down to seal your envelopes. You?ll acquire a big seal all time, no moistening required. The 80 lb. text-weight envelopes are a superb selection because they?re about twice as thick as normal printer paper. This robust and heavy-duty thickness is perfect for shipping long distances without bending or tearing. When printed on, LUX envelopes are complemented with a wide assortment of ink colours. You won?t have to worry about paper jams, tears, or ink smears with these envelopes. They?re designed for compatibility with laser and inkjet home printers. These envelopes are also optimal for addressing notes and invitations by hand. Whether you use a gel pen or calligraphy pens, you?ll be impressed with the high-quality, smudge-proof paper. These A4 invitation envelopes measure 4.25? x 6.25? (121mm x 165mm). They can also fit inside of larger-sized envelopes or paper inside, including A6, A7, A8, A9, and A10. If you?re in charge of envelopes for a wedding, party, holiday, corporate gathering, banquet, shower, birthday, or graduation, LUX 80 lb. Gold Metallic envelopes are a heavy-duty and high-quality option for all your party-planning requirements. Purchase a package of 50, 250, 500, or 1000 now! ? ? ?

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To introduce the club, I designed 2 custom mailers to send out to 10,000 season ticket holders, former players and VIPs. The mailer explained the origins of the name and timeline of the NY Gothams to SF Giants, and led you to a website where you could learn more and sign up for membership. 

Why Custom Printed Mailers are Still Effective

In fact, when you market with custom printed mailers and flyers and send them by mail to prospective clients, you are more likely to experience a significantly better response than if you had sent them an email.

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